Why do you need an Interior Designer?

To remodel a house without a designer is like going to court without an attorney. Most of the contractors are not designers and they can’t help you design right the area and space you like. They just know how to build what we show them

So why do we need an interior designer?

First, because you and even contractors don’t have the tools, thinking and mindset, experience, and professionalism of a designer. An interior designer knows how to solve challenges and problems in the home space.

He knows how to deal with the limited space in the house and utilize it to the maximum. The Designer will think about all the elements and aspects, visuals, functional, and practical. Sometimes we need another point of view.

The designer will take us out of our box but still keep us with our style and our needs in the house. The designer will avoid mistakes that you might make by yourself and fixing these mistakes can cost a lot of money.

Most people will have trouble predicting the end result. The Designer will show you a sketch of the design, 2D or 3D so you can see and make changes before you even start the remodeling.


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